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Expected progeny differences are the best selection tool to help beef operations meet future goals.
Winter can be a tough time for trees—especially evergreen trees and shrubs.
This update examines the latest export forecast in more detail, and looks briefly at recent NAFTA news items pertaining to agriculture, including a report from the Nebraska Farm Bureau.
Selecting heifers that will succeed is the first step to building herd longevity.
Within the dairy industry there is a high percentage of contact time between animals and human beings on a daily basis.
Hog prices this fall have been stronger than anticipated.
There are five points to consider before you spread manure this winter.
The holiday season is here, and with it comes festive holiday plants. However, these plants may bring along uninvited guests – insects and other pests.
Future improvement in agriculture will be a balancing act.
Decorating with mistletoe has been a holiday tradition for many centuries in North America and Europe.
With live Christmas tree shortages being reported across the nation, there’s a chance your home may not look so festive if you wait too long to choose your tree.
As harvest season draws to a close, farmers are starting to look forward to the next planting and growing season.
Ron Wolford, University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator, shares these Christmas tree facts that are sure to spruce up your yuletide knowledge.
Current market conditions appear to support moderate soybean and corn acreage expansion in 2018.
Group housing of sows can pose a few challenges when an animal needs to be isolated and treated.
Take steps to avoid food waste.
A team of researchers recently unveiled a previously unknown mechanism that triggers gene silencing in corn.
As a whole, today’s cattle reproduce very well.
Ag Decision Maker offers four tips for turning harvested grain into cash.
The recent level of soybean exports from the United States trails last year’s pace.
The current growth benchmark for actual weaning weight is 554 pounds at 192 days of age, with an average daily gain of 2.5 pounds.
Decorative wreaths are a popular favorite during the holiday season.
With the help of a new imaging machine developed at the University of Illinois breeders can learn the number of kernels per ear, plus a lot more information than can be manually observed.
Many people recall nostalgic memories of selecting a Christmas tree with their families.
Nitrogen fertilizer prices are averaging lower now than in any time since September 2008.
Discussions of remodeling versus building new facilities are never simple and come with many challenging questions.
Many factors influence test weight.
Corn prices will struggle to find support due to the ample supply available during the 2017-18 marketing year.

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