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Replanting Corn-Things To Do and Think About

According to the USDA-NASS report, 35% of Nebraska’s corn had been planted as of May 5, similar to 38% last year but behind the five-year average of 47%. Emergence was at 2%, similar to last year but behind the 9% average. The April 26 report indicated 16% of corn had been planted compared with 15% last […]

USDA Invests in Rural Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in 20 States

Acting Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development Joel Baxley today announced that USDA is investing in 40 projects in 20 states to improve rural water infrastructure (PDF, 151 KB). “These investments will have a far-reaching, positive impact on rural residents, businesses and communities,” Baxley said. “Improving water and wastewater infrastructure enhances quality of life, helps support […]

With Delayed Corn Planting, Is It Time To Switch Maturities?

It’s been a wet week for much of Nebraska, further delaying planting and causing growers to consider whether they should move from a full-season corn hybrid to a short-season. The short answer is: Not yet. Not until late May. The longer answer, as late May nears, depends on several considerations (including potential for killing frost […]

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