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Current Markets as of         8:00     Thursday, January 17, 2019


Month                                       High                            Low                            Change                                Last

Mar 19 Corn                         $3.75 ¾                      $3.74                            $ + 1 ¼                              $3.75 ¼                                                        

Dec 19 Corn                          $4.00 ¼                    $3.98 ¾                      $ + ¾                                  $4.00                                                                    

Mar 19 Beans                       $8.98 ¾                    $8.94 ¼                      $ + 3 ¾                              $8.98 ¼                        

Nov 19 Beans                       $9.40 ¾                    $9.37 ¼                      $ + 2 ¾                               $9.40 ¼           


Oil    $51.30 Lower      Gold   $1,291   Lower     Dow $24,090   Lower      Wheat $5.13 Mixed 

The Des Moines ethanol low rack price is $1.4186. This is $0.1060 lower than the unleaded gas low price of $1.5246. 

Nat Gas up 15.4 cents at this time…$3.543 

EIA January Short Term Energy Outlook forecasts US retail gasoline prices to average $2.47/gallon in 2019 versus $2.73 in 2018. Brent crude oil is expected to average $61/barrel in 2019 and $65/barrel in 2020. 

DOE estimated ethanol production at 1,051 thousand barrels/day. That’s up 51 thousand barrels week on week. Daily ethanol disappearance is 1,037 thousand barrels/day. Ethanol stocks are 23,351 thousand barrels. This is 97 thousand higher than last week 

China’s Commerce Ministry Thursday confirmed that China’s Vice Premier will travel to the US for trade talks on January 30 -31. 

There will not be an export sales report released this morning due to the government shutdown. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will temporarily reopen its Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices starting on Thursday to help process farm loans and tax documents 

Corn Support is $3.72 and resistance is $3.85.  Beans Support is $8.92 and resistance is $9.15. Funds bought 45 Million (9,000 Contracts) of corn and sold 10 Million (2,000) contracts of beans Wednesday. Very slow trade of only 42,360 contracts last night. 

Weather: Dryness in Brazil may be beneficial to harvest progress, but the dryness is feared to hurt crops still developing in the field. Lack of rain and above-normal temperatures may hurt yields in Central Brazil

Another winter storm is expected this week with the snow forecast spanning from Oklahoma to New York. 


Corn – Higher trade off the open on continued technical buying and improved demand

Beans – Higher trade off the open as March soybeans try to break through $9.00 again.

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